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Dear Alumnae, Families, and Friends,

Greetings from Visitation Academy!  As I write to you, the sounds of laughter, excitement, and student voices fill the halls.  Our girls are engaged in discovering new ideas all the time.  We are excited by all that Visitation has to offer!  Starting with our Nursery program, all the students are exposed to our foreign language – French.  It is lovely to hear our students speaking French.  Our focus this year has been to expand the French program, so that the girls will graduate with the equivalent of French I.  At our annual Christmas show, many of the classes sang Christmas songs and carols in French.  The Music program formally begins in PreK.  The Arts are thriving at VA!  Our Middle School students take Band in addition to Music classes throughout the week.  The girls also have the opportunity to participate in Choir and Drama Club; both afterschool activities culminate in spring performances.  Our students also take visual arts classes, and there is a STEM-based Crafters & Creators afterschool class for 3rd to 5th graders.  Our Middle School students have the opportunity to participate in other afterschool activities: Debate, Eastern-Western Medicine, and a STEM class (at Fontbonne Hall Academy).  Visitation provides a unique opportunity for our graduating 8th graders; Fontbonne offers an Early Action admission option for Visitation students.  Stating September 2019, all 8th grade students will take Algebra I.  Our Science program allows the girls to take the Living Environment regents and the Earth Science regents.  Even this description leaves out some of the exciting course work and activities taking place at Visitation, but I hope you have a sense of  the vibrant, productive school community at Visitation.

We are a diverse community of learners, yet we all have one thing in common – we have all been taught in the Salesian tradition of the Sisters of the Visitation.  We were given a foundation in which to learn and grow, but more importantly, we were taught to be compassionate, passionate, appreciative, and thankful.  At Visitation, we were encouraged to think, find our voices, compete, and believe in ourselves.

You are part of the history of Visitation.  The heart and soul of the school remains the same.  Your support and encouragement go a long toward making all our programs possible.

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Jean Bernieri

Head of School