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Art Activity for all students – adapted from School Arts

Art making is designed to create purposeful experiences; the creative process helps artists with their imagination and self-esteem. The process of creating art should happen without judgment.
In today’s stressful environment, when students are out of the school building, students need ways to help them stay calm. Focusing on one’s breath is one way to practice mindfulness. Deep breathing can have a positive impact on how people feel and decrease feelings of stress.
Have students draw their breath – focusing on inhaling and exhaling.
Students can use pencil or black crayon on white paper. When ready, the student should close her eyes and sit silently in order to become aware of her breath. When ready, the student should begin to draw her breath (with closed eyes) paying attention to how the breath feels and translating this onto paper – thick lines, thin lines, short strokes, swirls, etc.
Try this exercise for 3 minutes.

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