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Letter from the Principal

Dear Friends,​figaro

I am pleased to welcome you to Visitation Academy’s website.

Visitation Academy is an energetic and vibrant community of adventurous learners who thrive on academic challenge. We are exceptionally proud of the outstanding education we offer to girls from three years of age in our pre-k 3 program through 8th grade. We encourage thoughtful inquiry in an environment of gentleness, kindness, joyful optimism and respecting the dignity of all persons. These virtues represent our charism as exemplified by our founder St Francis de Sales.

When you visit our school you will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with our students who live out their core values on a daily basis. These core values have served our students for over 155 years. We share this Visitation charism with a network of five other schools in Missouri, Minnesota, Washington, DC and Virginia. Through the goals and criteria shared by these schools, the religious tradition of the school provides a foundation for character development as well as academic achievement. Our motto, “Be Who You Are and Be It Well” encourages us to live by a common spirit – that is, to be extraordinary people who live by example.

Our dynamic and dedicated faculty foster independent thinking through a progressive and enriching curriculum. When you have strong female mentors who are positive role models, it creates greater learning opportunities that encourages, ignites and inspires students’ success. They serve the needs of every student by giving them the intellectual tools and confidence to be successful learners. Educating the whole child in mind, body and spirit creates a culture of achievement in which the whole child is developed.

Research has shown that girls who learn in all-girl environments are believed to be more comfortable responding to questions and sharing their opinions. They feel more encouraged to pursue their interests and achieve their fullest potential. Visitation Academy promotes best practices for the teaching of girls drawn upon decades of tradition while embracing new opportunities. Every girl deserves the opportunity to realize her full potential in a setting where she is valued. It is a setting where her talents are nurtured and where she discovers new ones as future leaders. We embrace the future through our technology infused into our day to day instruction.

While committed to a Catholic school education Visitation respects the religious diversity of the community.

We welcome you to call and visit our secure campus.

Arlene Figaro