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Early Childhood Programs in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn – Visitation Academy

The Early Childhood Program is dedicated to educating the whole child. This approach to learning emphasizes four major developmental areas: Language and Communication Skills, Social and Practical Life Skills, Reasoning and Thinking Skills, and Physical Development. These goals are achieved through hands-on activities centered on a literacy-based program. Literature is the springboard from which cognitive, language and expressive skills develop. The learning experiences within the duration of our students’ day centers on an education and meaningful context of play. Through play experiences, children begin to explore the dynamics of language and communication, and to apply this within their reasoning and thinking skills, social development, and physical development.

Music and art exploration are incorporated to enhance each child’s ability to form connective schemes for learning. Lower School students begin learning the French language that students continue to study through eighth grade. The Religion program, which is taught to the four and five year old students by the Sisters of the Visitation, is rooted in the Salesian tradition and gospel values. Children in the three and four year old program make daily use of designated play areas both indoors and outdoors. Physical Education takes place either in the indoor Wellness Center or on the outdoor field, on the Visitation Academy 7.5 acre campus.

Our Visitation Academy school environment provides a safe and positive atmosphere for critical thinking and creative development. Small class size fosters creativity and provides individual attention to each student’s needs and development. A challenging learning environment provides the stimulus for broadening and enriching your child’s creative mind. Children have exceptional opportunities for on-going learning experiences in an environment that promotes self-esteem, respect for others, and an appreciation of diversity in gifts, beliefs, and cultures.

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